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Located in the Midwest, west of St Louis, MO, we have had German Shorthairs for over 30 years. Being primary hunters, our dogs are foot hunted on a multitude of game bird species, including bobwhite quail, pheasants, woodcock, prairie chickens, and sharp tailed grouse. We are not duck hunters, but dogs we have bred have been used for retrieving ducks. Our dogs are known to be calm in the house and extreme hunters in the field.

Approximately 12 years ago, we started to participate in competition and we have competed in foot trials as well as horseback trials. In the last four years 2012-2016 our dogs or dogs we have bred have placed 6 times in the GSPCA Nationals (AKC).

If you are looking for that brag hunting dog, next field champion, or great companion give us a call