Rexx spent the past several years laying on the couch loving his owner, Shane. We brought Rexx home when Shane was 7 years old. Rexx was Shanes dog. We lost Rexx this past fall 2017. Rexx made a name for himself in field trials and in the hunting fields.   He lives on in his pups and grand pups. RIP Rexx

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                                      FC MURPHY'S CUTTING EDGE- "REXX"

Son of NFC FC Chisolm Creeks Cuttin Loose, Rexx himself being a national caliber dog. Rexx was the 2013 Runner Up in the GSPCA National Championship, Amateur Gundog. He also placed 3rd in the Open Gundog the same year! Rexx was retired from field trial competition due to an injury. Rexx has sired several litters producing some outstanding hunting dogs!

Rexx is available for stud. Negative Brucellosis test required